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High-performance driving is as much about the driver as it is about the car.

Fasten your seat belt.
Press the START button.
Welcome to GCS Performance
Driving Academy 

Get ready to have an exhilarating day driving your car, at speed, in a safe environment on one of North America’s most famous road courses.

Each circuit is challenging and fun, with long straights, exhilarating corners and varied tests of a driver’s skill (and courage).

Explore the limits of your vehicle’s straight-line speed, cornering, and braking. You will learn driving skills related to braking points, racing lines and corner exits, with an emphasis on car control and balance. All of this, under the watchful eyes of your private driving coach, George Csanadi.

Of course, this unforgettable driving experience is open only to the wise and brave who have purchased one of today’s high-performance vehicles.

Your GCS driving experience includes:

  • Event registration

  • 1-2 hrs of classroom sessions

  • 2 hrs (4) 30 min driving sessions w/in-car coaching

  • Helmet–to–helmet communication

  • When required:
    Round trip air-fare
    Rental car
    Enclosed car transport to and from the track

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