We cannot thank you enough for teaching our daughter, Ashley, the necessary skills to keeping her safe on the road. Hiring you as her professional-driving-teacher was by far the best investment we have made for Ashley in her teen years. As you know, after she received her permit, we were very reluctant in letting her drive. However, after your first lesson with her, we could see her skills blossoming. After only a couple lessons, we saw incredible improvement, and we were 100% sure we had made the right decision. Ashley has learned basic driving skills, the importance of safe driving, defensive driving skills, and she has acquired self-confidence in her own abilities to drive. We appreciate all the care you have placed in Ashley and look forward to having you come back this summer to review with her prior to her state driving test. Thank you again for always being punctual, bringing your professional expertise, providing us with peace of mind, and most importantly giving the gift of safety to our daughter Ashley. We would recommend anyone who values their child to invest in their safety, invest in George Csanadi, and don’t let your loved one become a statistic. Sincerely, James and Diane Halstead Valrico, FL (813) 810-6923