Darla and John Johnson

Our son has mild attention disorder and we held off as long as we could to begin what we knew would be a very daunting task of teaching him to drive. After getting his permit on line he began asking to drive and we knew we needed to find someone very capable, extremely patient and willing to work with him. We were so very lucky and blessed to find George who immediately knew how to work with Jake and keep him focused on even the most basic tasks of turning and listening to directions at all times.

Although some days were better than others George never gave up on Jake and showed greater patience than any parent, family member or other instructor could ever do. He made driving fun for Jake and at all times kept us assured that he was in control. We felt safe in the back seat knowing George was also “at the wheel” maintaining an unbelievable cool and nerves of steel. He has a true and incredible gift of teaching teenagers how to drive for the very first time. We never questioned George’s decisions to take Jake on different routes that we would never have felt comfortable doing in such a short period of time. Every session built more confidence, skills, and improvement. We have invested so much in our children’s future from college test prep, sports, and tutors. You can’t put a price on your children’s safety and George was by far the best investment we have ever made! We highly recommend George for any parent who wants the peace of mind that their child will be taught the necessary skills to become a safe driver. Jake continues to use all the techniques he was taught, and will never forget his friend George who gave him the opportunity to be the best driver he can be. It’s a privilege and blessing to know and believe in you George.With sincere gratitude and appreciation.

~ Darla and John Johnson, Lutz, FL


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March 20, 2015

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