Donna Hoben

Thank you. Patrick had a fantastic 18th birthday! Just an update about what happened after we had lessons with you. After our week of lessons, I took Patrick driving every day for 2 hours. We did this religiously for a month. I used the techniques that you had showed him and practiced with cones and boxes in various places around the city. I wouldn’t let anyone else take Patrick to practice driving because I wanted to make sure he was correctly doing all the things you showed him….and I wanted to make sure he was not falling into bad driving habits that others may show him. After the month of intensive practice, I took Patrick to the DMV and he passed his driving test. It was truly a day that I wasn’t sure I would see this year…until we had your help! Once he passed his driving test, he got a car and I am including a picture of that day in the attachment. Thank you so much for helping us out. It is amazing that I have been driving for 30 years yet I did not have the ability to teach my own son to drive until you showed us what to pay attention to. It now makes sense though…thinking about it… I teach children to add and subtract in school. Most adults know how to do that but could they really use the techniques I do to actually teach it and make the kids understand it? I kind of look at teaching my child to drive in the same manner. I needed the correct techniques and the knowledge on how to teach…and you provided that. The lessons were definitely worth any amount of money…it’s his life on the road and the lives of others…and that is priceless.

Donna Hoben


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March 21, 2015

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