Kelly Oldham

Having just moved from Massachusetts to Florida, we were shocked that no formal driving training is required in Florida to license a young teen. Having had an older child required to receive formal driving training in Massachusetts, we understood the importance and saw firsthand the long term impact of having this type of formal driving training. Driving a car is one of the most dangerous things we do practically every day and it is critical that anyone who gets behind the wheel of a car understand the huge responsibility that they have to drive safely at all times. Our quest to find a qualified driving center that instructed teens behind the wheel on actual roads was extremely difficult. However through word of mouth we luckily found GCS Driving Academy. There are not enough words to explain how unbelievable George Csanadi is at what he does. He has taught our daughter in a way that we never would have been able to. We refer to him as the “teen driver whisperer”. George’s relaxed demeanor has put our daughter at such ease that she is much more receptive to all George has to teach her behind the wheel. He has not only imparted his technical knowledge of driving on our daughter but also has made her understand how important is to be in touch with “feeling” the car when driving. He has had her experience the feeling of stopping short which will go a long way when confronted with the situation when it happens for real. George picks up on the seemingly smallest of details and points them out for correction. For instance, head position and eyes when a teen checks the mirrors when attempting to switch lanes. He makes the kids aware of these little things without overwhelming them. George is thorough and covers everything. Not only has our daughter learned through these trainings but also we as her parents learned too. We do our best to mimic his terminology and demeanor when we are driving with her on our own as to continue to reinforce the solid base of instruction that he has already built. She has a confidence and awareness after only 12 hours of a 20 hour training package which is extremely reassuring. Watching our daughter progress with George’s instruction makes us feel much more comfortable for that time when she receives her license and drives on her own. George is absolutely phenomenal and his driving trainings are worth every cent, because no price can be placed on a life. We highly recommend George’s trainings and strongly feel these types of trainings should be made a mandatory requirement by the state before receiving a driving license. Driving safely saves lives!

Kelly Oldham

FishHawk, FL, 813-689-6832


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March 21, 2015

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