Tammy Andersen

Thank you George. I can’t tell you what a difference I see in Lindsey after just a few hours driving with you. She is driving to work, to school, at night, and even ventured out on her own to just “drive around.” To go from not having driven for over three years, from not even wanting to back out of the driveway, to driving to and from school and at night after 8 hours of instruction is tremendous. I don’t think she would be even close to this point without your expert help. She even drove to Spring Hill to her aunt’s house last weekend, with the whole family sitting quietly in the car – except her dad, who we had to keep reminding to be quiet. You have helped her gain independence and confidence — this is a true turning point in her life, and in ours. I am no longer a taxi driver!! 

I have tried to convince Linsey that she needs to drive a few more hours with you, and I offered that last hour to her. She feels she needs to get a couple more paychecks first because she now has to pay for gas and insurance, so it may be a few weeks before we call on you. But I know she wants to because she told her dad and her aunt she needs to practice in congested traffic. Her dad doesn’t really see the need to pay for more lessons, but I know Lindsey does and I am confident we will be calling you before too long.

I have also told everyone I know who has kids of driving age what a benefit it was to have you help Lindsey and Katie. I fully support the notion that it’s worth every penny as compared to all the dance and gymnastics lessons we pay hundreds of dollars for, and they never use those skills after a few years. This is a skill needed for a lifetime.

I will be getting another car for Katie to drive, to work and school only, in another month or so. When I get the car I will contact you again because I do think she needs a bit more education as well.

Thanks so much for everything, and I will be in touch soon!

Tammie Andersen


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March 21, 2015

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