Terry and Kristan Inman

Without a doubt, calling you to help with Trey’s driving was 100% the right decision for us as parents! You are awesome! Thank you for providing a service to the community is not readily available anywhere else. You were able to take Trey driving to places that we would not have dreamt to take him. With the great driving instructions you have instilled in Trey (in only just a short 16-hour window), I know that he will continue to grow as a safe, sound, confident driver, which will only benefit him for a life time! As parents, my husband and I feel so much more confident that Trey has the knowledge and understanding of how to drive safely and will help keep him secure so our child makes it home safely each time he drives. You cannot put a price on such piece of mind. Thank you for allowing us to ride along not only to witness the wonderful job you had done with Trey’s driving abilities but to witness first hand that we all could benefit from a professional driving lesson from time to time.

As parents, we try to provide the best for our children and you are it! You should be aware that every parent of a young driver we come across we make a point to tell them what a beneficial service you provided and that they should hurry and call for your professional expertise in helping to teach their child how to drive safely! Just save some time when it comes time to coaching my youngest son how to drive. You are worth every penny and every word! If there is something we can do for you, please remember we are here.Thank you again for playing such a pivotal role in my son’s life and future!

Terry and Kristan Inman
Land O Lakes, FL


Posted on

March 21, 2015

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