Laurel A. Slade

I just want to say that I am thankful beyond words for you teaching Austin to drive safely and defensively. You took his abilities and his confidence to an unfathomable level.....if someone had told me after just 10 hours of driving, that he would be driving around the airport area, on the expressways, through downtown and over the bridges to Pinellas County, up to Brooksville and all around town, I would not have believed it. As a mental health counselor, who works with teens, I see parents spend thousands of dollars on their teen’s baseball, football, dance, soccer, volleyball etc. activities and private lessons, myself included. I believe your services are worth the money beyond what words can investment in Austin’s safety, that he will carry with him throughout the rest of his life. Thank you seems so trite, but thank you! I truly believe that what Austin has learned from you (things I didn’t even know myself) will save his life.

Laurel A. Slade, MS, BCPCC, LMHC, LMFT
Joshua 1:9