55mph Seemed Slow on the Way Home!

Having graduated from the Ferrari track-driving program I thought I knew what I needed to know to be happy on the track with my Ferrari 599. But after four days on the track with you coaching me, my skill level has soared. More importantly my confidence has soared as well. Instead of seeing the track as hundreds of quick, scary decisions, I now experience it as a continuously-flowing, gliding mosaic. Instead of watching the track race at me, I now see the track in slow motion. Your calm and insightful interventions and explanations have been crucial in getting me to this rewarding level. My fun and safety have multiplied by three and now I can really appreciate my car for the design and engineering masterpiece it is. Your superior ability to improve the daily driving skills of drivers is the greatest investment we can make in our children (and ourselves!). A caring parent should insist that a coach of your caliber advance their children’s skills to a high level. I can recommend you without qualification.