Lynette F.

As parents, we try to protect our children from all the bumps and bruises of life. We make them wear helmets when biking, knee pads and wrist guards for skating and pretty much full body armor for most sports these days. But when it comes to letting them get behind the wheel of an automobile for the first time on their own, we don’t seem to spend as much time preparing them or protecting them as we should.

I started thinking about this since my oldest daughter Mykala, turned 15 last May and got her driving permit after passing the online driver’s education class. Which meant it was up to us to make sure she received enough hours of driving experience before she was eligible to get her license. As any parent of a 15 or 16 year old would probably agree, this is not always an easy thing to do. So in addition to conducting our own driving lessons with Mykala, we decided to get her some professional driving lessons to better prepare her and also to help ease my anxiety and stress.

We contacted George Csanadi at GCS Driving Academy (813-713-4233) which is one of the best things we have ever done. In addition to his 18+ years as a professional driver and trainer (he even taught Danica Patrick as a teenager) George offers a ‘Safe Teen Driving’ program at GCS

We began with a 5-hour package which was split into 3 sessions over one weekend. George came to our house to meet us and Mykala before beginning the driving lessons. Once the paperwork was complete and he had answered all our questions, George and Mykala drove off in our car for a two hour lesson.

At the end of the weekend, Mykala was so much more confident behind the wheel of the car than she had been previously with almost 50 hours of driving with me and my husband. I am so grateful for the professionalism and expert driving instruction that she received from George Csanadi and I would highly recommend any parent of a teen to go the extra mile when it comes to the safety of our children.

Lynette F.
Tampa, FL


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March 21, 2015

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